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What’s the difference?


OpenVZ is known as Container-based Virtualisation. This means that each VPS on a node, shares the same Kernel. They still run as secure and isolated containers which you can reboot, have full root access and run files and programs as you would on a full server. OpenVZ is Linux only.


  • Cheap
  • Simple to set up, as it comes with predefined templates which can be installed with ease


  • Missing kernel modules or extensions cannot be installed by you, they must be installed by Sydney ICT to the node you’re hosted on
  • If another user creates a Kernel panic, the entire node you’re on will reboot


Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is a full virtualisation solution which is able to run Microsoft Windows as well as Linux. Each VM has reserved hardware like RAM, hard disk space and processor.


  • Fully dedicated resources, assigned to you
  • Run your own kernel#
  • Ability to run Microsoft Windows*^


  • More costly than OpenVZ

* Clients are responsible for licences
^ At least 14GB of HDD Space is required
# No support is provided if you run your own Kernel
+ We are unable to provide additional IPv4 addresses due to address exhaustion