Major Security Issues Already Found In Outlook For iOS And Android

Microsoft launched the “Outlook for iOS and Android” app yesterday, which was in fact a rebranding of an existing app called Acompli that Microsoft purchased in early December 2014. However, according to IBM developer René Winkelmeyer, the app presents some major security issues for the companies that intend to use it, and access should be immediately denied to enterprise users.

By far the biggest security issue that the developer found is that Microsoft itself has access to the users’ email credentials, including both the username and the password:

“What I saw was breathtaking. A frequent scanning from an AWS (Amazon Web Services) IP to my mail account. Means Microsoft stores my personal credentials and server data (luckily I’ve used my private test account and not my company account) somewhere in the cloud! They haven’t asked me. They just scan. So they have in theory full access to my PIM data,” said Winkelmeyer in a blog post.